There are many opinions about Bitcoin, with thousands claiming that it’s ready to see another legendary bull run, with others being too jaded from past experiences, or isn’t willing to take the associated risks, to get in the game. Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano stands as a former Facebook team member and a noteworthy investor and Bitcoin bull, and made it clear to the public that he isn’t scared of Bitcoin’s price movement.

In a recent podcast, the man stated that a staggering 80% of his health is held within the world’s first cryptocurrency.

Thx for answering my question on today’s pod @APompliano.

Pomp’s asset allocation:

BTC: 80%
Real estate / cash / early stage co’s: 20%

That Bitcoin allocation 👀

Respect for putting your money where your mouth is 🔥

Check out the full episode here👇

— paul andersen (@paul_d_andersen) October 18, 2020

Doubling Down On A Previous Statement

With this in mind, it’s amusing to look back in the past. Pomp had been a long-standing Bitcoin bull, and made waves back in 2019 thanks to a segment he did on CNBC with one Kevin O’Leary.

In the “Squawk Box,” Pomp had claimed that he held 50% of his holdings within Bitcoin, at the time, showing his sheer confidence in the cryptocurrency. Of course, the man didn’t disclose his exact dollar figure, but such a large percentage of Bitcoin holdings is notable, to say the least.

O’Leary, a Canada-based Businessman that made appearances on “Shark Tank,” made it clear that he was far more bearish.

Possibly Greater Holdings In Crypto

Now, however, Pompliano had taken part in a podcast, and it seemed that he did the exact opposite of what O’Leary told him to do. Instead of reducing his exposure to BTC, he increased it significantly.

As it stands now, Pomp explained that 80% of his assets are set in Bitcoin. The remainder, 20%, is made up of a combination of cash, real estate, as well as early-stage companies. It’s more than likely that these early-stage investments are in companies related to cryptocurrencies, which means that the man’s exposure to the crypto space at large could likely be more than 80%.

A New Trend For Businessmen

As time goes on, many other prominent figures have started to risk their skin in the crypto game, particularly in Bitcoin.

Raoul Pal stands as Real Vision’s CEO, and announced that over 50% of his liquid net worth is based in Bitcoin by way of a recent podcast. The man himself stands as a former head of the Hedge Fund Sales Division at Goldman Sachs, and even managed to correctly predict the Great Recession of 2008.

It seems all the big players are making sizable bets in Bitcoin, and it will be interesting to see what will happen in the future.

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