The global trading of currencies, also known as the foreign exchange market or Forex, is a financial sector seeing rapid expansion as all aspects of the industry from buying, selling to exchanging is being improved by new technologies. That said, despite the bullish sentiment that traders, investors and organisations/institutions are bringing in from other sectors, a number of problems remain for current and potential forex traders alike. ERAFX, an automated trading software built upon the knowledge of experienced Forex trader, is a product that seeks to alleviate these issues. ERAFX comes with a mission of providing clients with a trading tool that both generates handsome profit and ensures their financial security.

 As financial market worldwide constantly fluctuates, it lays plenty of traps which are easily stumbled into by inexperienced traders who used primitive trading tools. However, the traps could not challenge ERAFX as it is integrated with Artificial Intelligence, which is capable of analysing the market to avoid market’s volatilities. Indeed, ERAFX adopts HEDGE algorithm, which is designed to make BUY/SELL orders on any pairs of transactions to maintain balance of one’s account.

Through the use of such tools, ERAFX offers clients absolute safety even in case of the market’s sharp fluctuations. We have built clients’ trust by bringing them consistent profits as they worked together with us for years. With ERAFX, we can set daily goals of generating profit while still protecting the financial security of our client. For transparency, our services is authenticated by, a trustworthy third party that allows you to check and follow statistics and results of trading softwares. Whether you’re experienced or still a rookie, if you are looking for a trustworthy and effective trading tool, try ERAFX.

Check out ERAFX ( to find out more and try for yourself!

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